Maestro Colour

Whether for concise memos, impressive presentations or expressive flyers, MAESTRO® color deliver brilliant full-colour results every time.




As a multifunctional paper, they are the ideal choice for daily office communication, large print runs, or a creative filing system. MAESTRO® color - the multifaceted way to communicate.


MAESTRO® color is available in a wide range of colours in 80 and 160 gsm. Due to their excellent runnability, duplex printability and homogenous structure, the papers are ideal for colour laser, inkjet printing and colour copying.


MAESTRO® color offers both impressive colour uniformity and minimal colour fading. Furthermore MAESTRO® color paper is produced with harmless dyes only, which is confirmed by the European Standard for Safety of Toys.

MAESTRO® color comes in re-sealable transparent wrapper for easy handling and protection.

MAESTRO® color has been awarded the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate that guarantees well-managed forest management to make this a truly "green" product.